Monday, April 4, 2011

Power Rankings: Royals Players After First Four Games

  1.Jeff Francis
-          Showed ace-like stuff in his first start for the Royals.  He played seven innings of one run baseball and corrected his few mistakes early.  Let’s hope he gives the Royals more of the same for the rest of the season.

2. Kila Ka’aihue
-          Walk off home run to get the first win of the season, no errors, and hit a deep shot to drive in two RBI’s that would have been a home run in just about any other park.

3. Joakim Soria
-          Joakim is being Joakim.  He pitched in all three of the Royals wins and already has a win and a save on his 2011 record with a 0.00 ERA.

4. Matt Treanor
-          Whoa who saw that coming?  Treanor had two crucial plays at the plate that he handled with ease and then hit a walk off home run in extra innings.  Fans were already growing tired of Jason Kendall, but if the Treanor/Pena combo keeps rolling it is going to be even harder to welcome Kendall back with open arms.

5. Jeff Francoeur
-          Francoeur has found a way to drive in four RBI’s in his first series as a Royal while maintaining a solid average.  He looks very comfortable batting sixth behind Ka’aihue. 

6. Alex Gordon
-          Gordon is hitting with confidence batting .316 with an on base percentage of .350.  You can’t ask for much more at this point.

7. Billy Butler
-          Billy leads the team with five runs and hit a crucial home run in game four of the series against the Angels.  The early home run is a good sign as it usually takes Billy a lot longer to hit his first home run.

8. Aaron Crow
-          He is making Ned Yost and Dayton Moore look like baseball geniuses for keeping him on the team as a reliever instead of sending him back to the minors.  Even though it's early, Crow looks like a polished veteran.

9. Chris Getz
-          His bat has shown signs of life! Getz helped the Royals get the win in game three with a two RBI performance.  Defense is never an issue as Getz and Escobar have shown great chemistry.

10. Melky Cabrera
-          Bruce Chen owes him one after he made the beautiful double play to bail him out.  Melky also has hit a home run and stolen a base.   

11. Luke Hochevar
-         He didn’t look like an ace, but he did keep the Royals in the game and pitched fairly well overall.  

12. Tim Collins
-          Collins has been very strong and has shown amazing control and bite on his pitches.  Fans should feel a little more at ease with the bullpen situation after watching Collins and Crow pitch so well. 

13. Alcides Escobar
-          Escobar is a defensive beast at shortstop but looked very uncomfortable at the plate in the first four games.

14. Mike Aviles
-          The new leadoff hitter has a solo home run but made a couple crucial errors at third base, showing that he hasn't fully adjusted to his new position.

15. Wilson Betemit
-          Clutch hit that tied the game in the ninth inning of game four.