Saturday, February 19, 2011

Plaxico Burress an option for Chiefs?

Plaxico Burress gets out of jail on June 6, 2011.  That is less than four months away and before the Chiefs leave for training camp.  The Chiefs happen to be in need of a proven wide receiver that they could get at a fair price.  Do you see where this is going?  This is one of the most interesting stories that I see picking up steam the closer we get to summer.  The Chiefs will undoubtedly be looking for a wide receiver to complement Dwayne Bowe, and while they will probably target receivers like James Jones, Steve Breaston, Steve Smith (Giants), etc… they will all come at a price.  The three receivers I have mentioned have all been very productive in the NFL the past two seasons and are all at least relatively young and still getting better, which means they will be looking for pretty hefty contracts.  Now I would love for Kansas City to get any of the three receivers I have listed, even if it requires a good amount of money to do it, but what if we could get a receiver who has proven he can play at a Pro Bowl caliber level and has even won a Super Bowl, at a fraction of the price?

Burress will be 33 when he gets out of Jail, so he won’t be the wide receiver of the future for Kansas City, but for two or three seasons Burress could give the Chiefs very good production.  Can you imagine Dwayne Bowe, Tony Moeacki, Jamaal Charles, and Plaxico Burress running around the end zone on 3rd and 5? Plax has always been a goal line threat with his height (12 receiving TD’s in 2007), which you can never have too much of.  It would also bring the Chiefs a lot of extra media coverage because God knows America loves an underdog story, and you know Burress will be on his best behavior because he doesn’t want to mess up his last shot at playing in the NFL. 

Reports are that Burress is in great shape and has been lifting and running the entire two years he's been in Jail.  Maybe this is a crazy idea, maybe he has lost his ability, maybe he would be a distraction, but then again maybe he regains his Pro Bowl caliber talents and when paired with Dwayne Bowe, strikes fear into the eyes of opposing secondary's.  It is worth a shot to at least meet with him and bring him in for a workout, see what the guy is all about, and see if he could be a simple and cheap fix to the Kansas City Chiefs Wide receiver problem.  It’s something to think about….