Friday, February 25, 2011

Q&A with Sporting Kansas City's Kei Kamara

I got the opportunity to talk with Kei Kamara on the phone yesterday (from Arizona) and ask him some questions.  Very cool guy.  Enjoy!

KCSS: How is Arizona treating you?

Kei: Man its Warm, Its great!.  I hear Kansas City is freezing right now though..

KCSS: Yeah its actually snowing right now so you should feel lucky you are missing out.  How was your offseason?

Kei: It was really good.  I got to split time being here in the states and in Africa, where I’m from.

KCSS: What are your goals for the team in the upcoming season?

Kei: Be better than last year.  We just have to keep getting better every year.  The organization is doing everything they can to make us, the players, as comfortable and happy as they can and we want to go out there and win for them and fans, who are always coming out and showing us support.  If we just keep getting better and winning, we will eventually win the MLS cup

KCSS:  Last year you had your best season as a pro, what are your individual goals for this season?

Kei: I just want to build on last year, I had 10 goals last year, I want more than that this year.

KCSS: What was like not only playing against Manchester United last summer, but also scoring a goal?

Kei: It’s one of those things you dream about when you are little.  Everyone is Sierra Leone made a huge deal about it and were still talking about it last time I went back, they made it a kind of a big deal.  I had a shirt on under my jersey, so I was planning on scoring, and luckily I did.

KCSS:  What do you like to do when you are not playing soccer? Do you have any Hobbies most fans don’t know about?

Kei: Yeah I love video games, especially FIFA, but I like to play all kinds of different games.  Besides video games, I love to play volleyball.  There are some cool places in Kansas City that I have found to play at, but yeah definitely sand volleyball.

KCSS: Do you have a favorite restaurant in Kansas City?

Kei: I like going to the local Chipotle, but besides that I would have to say La Bodega

KCSS: I agree, La Bodega is pretty delicious, are you a fan of Tapas?

Kei: O for sure! You never think those little plates of things can full you up, but you always leave stuffed.

KCSS: What do you think of the new Sporting KC jerseys? Do they fit your style?

Kei: Man I have to say I really liked the Wizards jerseys… I looked good in the all white.  But you know, it’s a new team, new name, and its always good to wear new things.

KCSS:  Okay Kei last question and then I will let you go.  I talked to Coach Vermes and he said he wanted to try you at defense, how do you feel about that?

Kei: (starts laughing)

KCSS: I am just messing with you Kei, sorry I had to do it

Kei: (still laughing) Coach just walked by me and if you would have asked me that one minute sooner I would have put that on speaker phone.  He is always joking around about putting me on defense.  I told him maybe when I’m in my 30’s.

KCSS: Alright Kei I will let you get out of here, but thanks for your time and good luck this season!

Kei: Hey no problem man, and thank you!