Friday, August 5, 2011

Predicting the Chiefs Depth Chart: Defense Edition

It's never too early to start trying to piece together the rotations or speculating on what the starters could look like.  As of today, this is how the defense should look to start the season.  One thing you may notice is how much more depth the Chiefs have compared to most seasons.  Aside from Hali, you don't feel like you are in too big of trouble if you lose any one guy.  The only realistic position battle that could alter the depth chart for week one is Jovan Belcher vs Brandon Siler for the strong side inside linebacker position.  The guys in red are in good shape with either one, but you have two very physical players battling for a starting spot, which should be fun.

                                       FS  K.Lewis                                          
                                                                                                 SS E.Berry

                                          WILB D.Johnson         SILB J. Belcher  
      CB B.Carr                                                                                                  CB B. Flowers
                     OLB A.Studebaker                                                         OLB T.Hali
             DE T.Jackson  NT K. Gregg  DE G. Dorsey               


Nickel/Corner – J. Arenas
                            T. Daniels

Safety – J. Mcgraw 
               S. Piscitelli

Inside Linebacker – B. Siler

Outside Linebacker – J. Houston
                                      D. Williams

Defensive End – A. Bailey
                             W. Gillberry

Nose Tackle – J. Powe 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Evaluating the Chiefs Free Agent Acquisitions

Steve Breaston, WR

The Chiefs got Breaston at a clearance price, primarily due to deflated numbers that come with playing with an incompetent quarterback who takes this shit serious (click here if you didn’t get the “serious” reference).  Breaston is a speedster with above average route running ability and reliable hands.  Dwayne Bowe needs a proven down field threat next to him to open up the middle of the field.  Cue Steve Breaston.  It is unlikely Jonathan Baldwin breaks camp as the starting receiver opposite Bowe, but he could take on that role later in the season, which would relegate Breaston to his more natural slot receiver position.  Either way, Breaston is in the prime of his career and playing with a running game that terrifies opposing defenses for the first time in his career.  A much needed piece at a fantastic price is always a good thing.

Kelly Gregg, NT

O the nose tackle… the one position the Chiefs have been weak at since transitioning to the 3-4.  Kelly Gregg is about as good as it is going to get for a one year stop gap.  A veteran presence who has a proven track record and gloat worthy numbers.  While Gregg is 34 years old, age generally doesn’t catch up to nose tackles as quickly as it does other positions (good examples of that are Sam Adams, Pat Williams, and Casey Hampton).  Gregg is as smart as they come at the position and knows where to be at all times.  While he is definite up-grade over Ron Edwards, he won’t do much outside of stuffing the run and clogging gaps at this point in his career.

Brandon Siler, ILB

Very under-rated and could start for many teams in the league.  Although Todd Haley plans to use him at both inside linebacker positions, he is far more suited to play strong side middle linebacker.  Never really had a chance to shine playing behind Stephen Cooper in San Diego, but will have the opportunity to battle Jovan Belcher for a starting spot here in Kansas City.  If nothing else, he is an excellent special teams player and a fantastic goal line specialist.  With Belcher and Siler both in front of Corey Mays on the depth chart, he is left to prove his worth on special teams to keep his roster spot.

Note-Worthy Points:
  • Le’ron Mcclain rumors have been heating up.  If he does sign with the Chiefs, it will be interesting to see what happens to Thomas Jones.
  • Tyson Jackson looks to be in the best shape of his career coming into camp.  A possible breakout season on the way?
  • Brandon Carr and Tamba Hali are the only vital pieces left to re-sign and show up to camp.
  • Ryan Lilja was moved to from right guard to left guard following the release of Brian Waters.  Jon Asamoah will take over at right guard.