Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Catching Up!

Sorry for the short absence Kansas City.  Stuff comes up, you get preoccupied with things, you know how it goes.  The main thing is I am back now!  Let’s not waste any time and catch up on some Chiefs talk!  The past two weeks KC has looked like they belong in the NFL again after the worst two game start to a season I have ever seen from any team in any sport.  Injuries to Eric Berry, Tony Jr. (Gonzales his senior), and Jamaal Charles gave fans little hope.  I don’t know how many of you listen to the Church of Lazlo on 96.5 the buzz, but if you do maybe some of you  have more hope now that the curse of the Lotzi is over, if you believe in that kind of thing.

I am still scratching my head a little as to why Le’ron Mcclain and Dexter Mccluster aren’t getting premier back carries.  Thomas Jones has clearly hit his limit and looks far slower and less explosive than he did last year and his counterparts are a perfect thunder and lightning combo.  With that said, Casey Weigman is another player who has hit his limit.  While he I doesn’t make silly mistakes, he often looks overmatched and overpowered, which would lead me to believe we will be seeing more of Rodney Hudson as the season progresses.  I am also shocked Jared Gaither hasn’t taken the starting right tackle spot from Barry Richardson yet.

I look for the Chiefs passing game to pick up in the coming weeks, as Cassel is a notoriously slow starter (refer to last season & his starting season with the Patriots) but picks it up in week three or four.  He is even starting to notice Steve Breaston’s downfield speed opens up the middle of the field for Dwayne Bowe and Leonard Pope.  Regardless, the Chiefs show life and have been competitive the last two weeks, which is all you can ask after the first two games.